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Different Times Equestrian Ventures is a multi-discipline lesson, training & sales facility based in Saratoga Springs, NY.  With clients ranging in age from pre-school age children to mature adults, & with goals varying from pleasure & trail riding to competing on the A show circuit, we strive for a high level of horsemanship for all of our clients through education, & work towards building relationships between horse & rider based on mutual trust & respect.  Whether riding for fun or for show, it is our belief that good, solid basic riding & training skills are the building blocks that a confident horse & rider are built on.


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***Please note, we do NOT offer trail rides***


Winter ship ins are welcome to use the indoor at Hidden Spring Ranch.  $10 per head, and ride times must be scheduled in advance by emailing, calling or texting Jen: HiddenSpringRanch@live.com 518-879-9057

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                       (Other events TBA)

 4/8 Dressage clinic With Jon Stillman

4/15 Skidmore H/J (CDHJC)

4/29 North Country Horse Show*

       Or Higher Ground Farm Dressage

5/5-6 Dressage Boot Camp Clinic~Dressage As It Applies To YOUR Riding with Jon Stillman

5/12 Locust Hill Hunter Pace

5/20 Stockade Schooling Dressage & CT

       Or Hitching Post Schooling HT

5/25-27 ENYDCTA Dressage Days @ Stockade (Recog.)

5/27 North Country Horse Show*

6/3 NCH TCRA Show

6/10 Stockade H/J (CDHJC)

6/13-17 Skidmore Classic I

6/17 Higher Ground Dressage

6/20-24 Skidmore Classic II

6/22-24 Dressage @ Stockade (Recog.)

6/25-29 DTEV Summer Camp

7/14 Hitching Post Schooling HT

7/18-19 Dressage @ Stockade (Recog.)

7/22 Stockade Schooling Dressage

7/29 North Country Horse Show*

            Or Ridge Brook Farm (CDHJC)

8/3-5 Dressage @ Stockade (Recog.)

8/14-18 Skidmore Classic III

8/16-19 Stockade CDHJC Annual H/J Show

8/19 North Country Horse Show *

8/22 Hitching Post Schooling HT

8/27-31 DTEV Summer Camp

9/9 Higher Ground Farm Dressage

       Or Stockade H/J

9/16 North Country Horse Show *

            Or Stockade Schooling Dressage & CT

            Or Skidmore H/J (CDHJC)

9/23 Quiet Run Schooling H/J (CDHJC)

10/6-7 Dressage @ Stockade (Recog.)

10/7 Ridge Brook Farm H/J (CDHJC)

10/14 Hitching Post Schooling HT

10/28 Higher Ground Farm Dressage

11/4 Locust Hill Fall Hunter Pace

11/8-11 Equine Affaire (barn usually attends on Saturday)

Different Times Equestrian Ventures is now a DAC dealer!  DAC offers a full line of equine and livestock supplements, as well as liniment braces and wound sprays.  Check out www.feeddac.com, find us on facebook at DAC of Saratoga at Different Times Equestrian Ventures, or call Jen at 518-879-9057 for more information and pricing.

Different Times Equestrian Ventures

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